With almost five years of experience to draw from, I am a highly creative, driven and forward thinking individual who is bursting with both ideas and top-tier media contacts that I regularly leverage to secure coverage and subsequent links from the very pinnacle of media.

Quality Link building services

The internet was built on links. Links are what point traffic and boost rankings. They are exactly what we use to divert people to things that we want them to see, and how we navigate through the maze that is the world-wide web.

Regardless of what anybody says, without high-quality (contextual) links, you can’t expect to do well from an organic SEO point of view – at least not for long.

So what can I do for you?

Having worked with a huge range of clients – from pharmaceutical and lifestyle brands through to a luxury jewellery manufacturer and a host of top UK SEO agencies, I have built links on top sites including the Mail Online,, The Sun Online, The Huffington Post, Metro Online and the Guardian to name just a selection.

I can work closely with you in order to build you strong, high quality and solely contextual links to key pages on your site. This can be achieved through a range activity including:

Content and asset creation for the purpose of link acquisition

My five years of digital and creative experience means that I can aid you with the creation of important assets such as infographics, articles and guest posts. In addition to content, I can also help you to put together detailed studies that are designed to deliver both quantitative and qualitative statistics that can be turned into press releases for outreach.

Blogger and journalist outreach

My years of experience with outreach and online PR means that I can leverage these assets to secure quality coverage and subsequent links on high authority websites – from top-tier news sites to highly influential blogs within your industry.

Creative campaigns

I am also able to plan and execute engaging campaigns that are designed to generate coverage – this includes fully integrated social media and SEO campaigns that will deliver for both your social and organic search channels. Ask if you’d like to see any examples.


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