Weirdest Superstitions

7 of the World’s Weirdest Superstitions infographic   Brief: “I require a number of top-tier media links back to Bingo Find” The client did not have any assets to work with; I deemed it best to come up with a concept for content that would be both newsworthy and engaging – I therefore opted to plan and brief in a striking infographic entitled ‘7 of the world’s weirdest superstitions”. I sourced the designer, produced the copy and once complete I handled all of the outreach myself.   Results: I achieved […]

Muddy Race: Branded links

Brief: “I need some contextual, top-tier news coverage with links for Muddy Race”   Solution: The founder, Rob, is an expert when it comes to alternative fitness and so I deemed it best to drawn on his knowledge in order to come up with a number of engaging articles that could be offered out to top-tier media as ‘exclusive content’. I set about leveraging my contacts in order to secure him exclusive coverage, all of which would contain branded links back to Muddy Race – which in turn would help […]

Can SEO be merged with PR to help build more links?

Can SEOs and PRs work together to fight the good fight? A bit of context… While I do freelance, I must highlight that all of the experiences and advice that I discuss in this piece is largely related to my in-house work. Having worked both client and agency side during my time in digital, I know firsthand that it isn’t always easy for SEOs to work seamlessly with a PR team. Even the so called top SEO agencies struggle to do it effectively. I currently work for leading experience day […]