The state of blogger outreach: have we created a beast?

The state of blogger outreach: Have we created our own monster! I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while now, and while I initially thought it would end up as a structured, more comprehensive piece, I think it’ll have to be a quick one for now. Apologies if it comes off as a rant. Around about two years ago when I was just an agency ‘pup’ working on outreach and content creation, I could tell then the bloggersphere was growing hungry – hungry and cynical. Sceptical about what […]

SEO integration: Why you should merge Social Media and SEO

Hi all, sorry it’s been so long, but finally, I’ve got another post up! I am going to talk about why you need to be looking at fully integrated marketing campaigns as opposed to just building links for SEO… I previously talked about why and how we should merge SEO and PR, now I want to talk about how we can merge SEO, PR and social, while using a cheeky bit of PPC (or more display ads really) to help you get a decent ROI from an SEO perspective. What if […]

Four top tools for link building

A great workman needs great tools… etc etc. The truth is, there are a wealth of tools out there that can be used for link prospecting. Sure, you’ve got your Open site explorers and your SEOmoz pros – but I have a top four that I’d like to share with you. Let’s do this… Gorkana Gorkana is fantastic. Not only does it give you access to prolific bloggers, but it also boasts an extremely large database of UK journalists. It has allowed me to build some good working relationships with […]

Can SEO be merged with PR to help build more links?

Can SEOs and PRs work together to fight the good fight? A bit of context… While I do freelance, I must highlight that all of the experiences and advice that I discuss in this piece is largely related to my in-house work. Having worked both client and agency side during my time in digital, I know firsthand that it isn’t always easy for SEOs to work seamlessly with a PR team. Even the so called top SEO agencies struggle to do it effectively. I currently work for leading experience day […]