Content Marketing Case Study: World’s Most Dangerous Roads App

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As a loud and proud advocator of online PR and content marketing for link acquisition, the following case study details a recent campaign that I am particularly proud of…

It outlines how a single piece of content secured coverage on the very pinnacle of top-tier media – as well as BBC Radio..


Content: An interactive map of the world’s most dangerous roads

The facts:

  • 30 referring domains
  • 20 follow links
  • 7.4k Social shares (bearing in mind some of the coverage received up to 10k shares on their own)
  • Coverage from Mashable, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, AOL Cars, MSN and Stuff Mag
  • Global coverage in Taiwan, China, Australia, America, New Zealand and Brazil
  • 235,000 unique visits in the last 14 days
  • Coverage on four BBC Radio shows and interest from BBC Brazil online

The remit:

The primary remit was to secure enough quality and contextual coverage (with juicy homepage links), to help push some of the rankings for our ‘trophy terms’ (driving experiences, driving experience days etc.) We also needed something highly sharable so that we were able to benefit from the social value and potential subsequent uplift in rankings.

The concept (live version below):

I needed  something that would do well with media and the driving community, I opted for a fully interactive map of the world’s most dangerous roadways.

I wanted to ensure this piece was highly sharable and so I had them heavily build in social share buttons throughout – people are able to share each individual road as well as the piece itself. It also needed to be fully responsive.

We don’t currently have the capacity to produce this type of thing in-house, so I teamed with newly formed content marketing agency JBH Marketing who, using my detailed brief, designed and built the app for me.  The results were first-rate. I have worked with a couple of other service providers over the past 12 months who will remain nameless, but it’s safe to say these guys are cut above – and their client account management was spot on – something certain agencies I have worked with recently have been seriously lacking in. They don’t currently have the resource to execute any outreach so I handled all of that  myself and secured all of the coverage.

Anyway, I digress….

Essentially, it’s a map of the world that you click around on to reveal the twenty most dangerous roadways on the planet – you’re presented with a collation of interesting information about each of these – this includes fatalities and bizarre road laws for each region.

You can see from the chart below that it led to a huge spike in traffic from the moment it was launched.


The coverage:


Proceed With Caution  A Map of the World s Deadliest Roads-mashable          The real roads to hell  Interactive map reveals the world s 22 most deadly highways   Mail Online      Driving on the world’s most dangerous roads   The world’s most dangerous roads revealed   MSN Cars UK

This piece was first picked up by Mashable and then the Daily Mail.Media publications with car specific categories also placed this piece – including MSN Cars and AOL

From there it literally went global  – we secured coverage from regional news sites including the Huffington Post in Italy and Stuff Mag in NZ. BBC Northampton, Herts and Scotland also interviewed us about the piece which was incredible PR for BBC Brazil Online have also been in touch – I am in the process of chasing this.

The number of unique visits (235,000) speaks for itself and I’ll be keeping a close eye on our rankings over the coming months. We also secured 7.4k shares.

The wins:

This content was highly sharable, it was global in nature meaning many countries covered it and it brought in some serious traffic.

I’ll update you with any rank improvements.




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